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Price: €1200.00

 Technique: Acrylics on canvas
 Width: 50cm
Height: 70cm
Depth: 1.5cm

A fractal is a geometric shape characterized by repeating itself infinitely, always with the same shape but reduced in size! In nature, this peculiarity can be recognized in the leaves of the ferns, in the Roman cauliflower, but also in the branches of the trees, in the bronchi of the lungs, in the ramifications of the rivers, in the spirals in the shells, in the galaxies and so on; are examples of self-similar shapes! In essence, fractal can be defined as anything that has a geometric structure that repeats itself on different scales of measurement, without changing its appearance.
This implies the possibility that the universe is structured according to the so-called "cosmological principle" which describes itself both in the macrocosm and in the microcosm!

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